Am I Ready for Mediation?

1. Do I have a strong desire to resolve any issues I'm having with the other person without going to court?

2. Do I want to have a say in the outcome of the parenting plan I have for my children, how assets and debts are going to be divided or how I am going to handle my finances?

3. Do I prefer to talk about my issues in a private and confidential setting?

4. Am I able to express my concerns in a non-threatening manner?

5. Am I willing to work with the other parent to resolve any co-parenting matters we don't see eye-to-eye on?

6. Am I willing to be open and honest about my concerns?

7. Am I willing to hear the other person out even if I don't fully agree with their opinion?

8. Am I open to coming up with options?

9. Do I need a process that is flexible and works around my work schedule?

10. Is my goal to get through the separation and divorce process in a more speedy manner?

11. Is how much I spend resolving my separation, divorce, parenting or child support issues a concern for me?