Mediation and Court Information

Mediation Program – Resolution Services

Website: Family Mediation

Information Services Services

Website: Information Services – Edmonton
Edmonton Phone: 780-415-0404
Help with court forms and provides information about court processes, programs and service.

Family Law Mandatory Requirements

Website: Mandatory Requirements Information Package
Downloadable PDF.

Legal Advice and Information

Legal Aid – Alberta’s Legal Services Centre

Website: Legal Aid Alberta
Edmonton Direct Phone: 780-427-7575

Calgary Legal Guidance

Website – Calgary: Calgary Legal Guidance
Phone: 403-234-9266

Student Legal Services

Website: Student Legal Services of Edmonton
Edmonton Direct Phone: 780-492-8244
This service can provide you with legal information on a number of topics relating to family law at no cost.

Edmonton Community Legal Centre

Website: Edmonton Community Legal Centre
Phone: 780-702-1725
For moderate to low income families.

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA)

Website: Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta
Legal Info for Albertans.

Family Resolution Hub

Website: Getting started with the Alberta Family Resolution Hub
Guides you to the most suitable options to resolve your family matters.

Programs for Separated Parents

Parenting after Separation (PAS)

Website: Parenting after Separation

Parenting after Separation for Families in High Conflict (PASHC)

Website: Parenting after Separation High Conflict

Child Support, Benefits & Subsidies

Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step by Step

Website: Federal Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Online Look-up

Website: Child Support Look-up

Child Care Subsidy

Website: Child Care Subsidy
You may be eligible for subsidy for daycare or dayhome expenses. Visit their website to see if you qualify.

Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

Website: Canada Child Benefit


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