By Michelle Garneau

Family mediators can help you resolve issues about family law matters such as parenting, child support, spousal support and division of assets and debts.

They can also assist you with your communication with one another.

Here are a couple of ways to find a Family Mediator that is right for you:

1. Resolution Services offers mediation services to parents at no cost.

To qualify for this service:

  • one of the parents must have a gross income of less than $40,000 per year
  • both parents must agree to participate
  • there must be at least one dependent child who is either:
    • under 18
    • 18 or older and eligible for continued child support
  • there cannot be any court orders in effect stating that the parents can’t be in the same room together

Contact Resolution Services in Edmonton at 780-427-8329 or for areas outside of Edmonton, call 403-355-2414.
Additional information can be found online here.

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