By Michelle Garneau

You know mediation is right for you if you answer yes to most of these questions:

1) We want to keep our personal matters confidential.
2) We want to get matters figured out in a timely manner.
3) We want to save money.
4) We have children together.
5) We are willing to have an open conversation with one another with the help of a mediator.
6) There are no court orders in place that state we cannot be in the same room together.
7) We want to make the decisions rather than having a Judge decide for us.
8) We prefer discussing our issues in a less formal and less stressful environment.
9) We want to reduce the conflict between us.
10) We would like to improve the communication between us.
11) We are hoping to resolve our issues by working together not against one another.
12) We want some peace in our lives.
13) We don’t agree at all or we agree on some matters.
14) We are open to hearing one another out.
15) We are willing to talk about our concerns, fears etc. with one another.
16) We want to get an agreement in writing that can be legalized if we choose.

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