Why We Rush to the Courts During Divorce – The Mindset of Our Times

By Michelle Garneau

Back in 2017, I came across an interesting article written by Nathan Davidovich, Attorney and Managing Director of Independent Mediation Service.

He had some very interesting things to say about how people rush to litigation during divorce that still holds true today.

“As a lawyer who has specialized in civil litigation in the United States for over 35 years, I have personally witnessed the evolution of a mindset that propels people to the courthouse for every real or imagined wrong.

As the rush to litigation has grown, the sphere of individual patience has diminished.

Rather than attempting to calmly discuss each other’s feelings and determine the driving force behind the dispute, there is a rush to the lawyer’s office.

By these comments, I do not mean to demean the valuable services provided by lawyers to their clients. Unfortunately, the lawyer sometimes gets caught up in the client’s insistence that the lawyer be his/her “mouthpiece”, including mimicking the emotions of the client.

There then develops a point in the litigation process in which the process becomes self-sustaining (a goal in and of itself), leaving little hope for early peaceful resolution.”

Peaceful resolutions made in mediation mean less stress, less cost and more control.

A negotiated settlement is always better than handing decisions about your life over to a judge – which is why it makes sense to explore all avenues before proceeding with your divorce.

Heck – mediation can even help you to get your divorce done more quickly!

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